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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to commonly-asked questions about buying custom window coverings from us.


Best way to work with you?
We recommend that you visit our showroom first. If you haven’t purchased window treatments for a while, you’ll probably be surprised by the variety of products available. Our large display blinds and shades let you see, touch and operate window fashions up close and personal; and Heather or Diana will walk you through the choices. Your showroom visit will help you make a better decision about what to buy. Then Diana will meet with you in your own home to help you finalize your window fashions selections – ensuring that everything you order perfectly complements your home décor and meets your functional needs.


How and when do I pay?
We accept cash, check or credit card and at time of the order we get a 50% deposit. Upon installation the other 50% will be collected.


Do you offer a more complete selection?
Absolutely! We have our beautiful Hunter Douglas Gallery showcasing over 60 blinds, shades, and shutters! We also have a wonderful custom window treatment showroom with over 50 treatments on display along with album after album of the work we have done over the last 25 years.


Why should I buy from you?
You should buy from us because we only have years of experience at meeting customer’s needs, but our number one goal is customer service. We care. Period.


Are your prices competitive?
Our prices are very competitive. We actually think for all we deliver there’s not a better value out there to be had.


Can I purchase blinds and draperies?
Yes! Half of our business is blinds, shades, and shutters and the other half is custom products such as custom window treatments and custom bedding.


Why do you do the measuring?
First off, because we think measuring is so important, we do not charge our clients for it. We measure because nothing is "perfect" but with our expertise we are able to foresee future roadblocks that may occur with installation or with the specifications of the products itself. Plus, it's the only way we can guarantee that your product is going to fit your window.


How long does it take?
Delivery time is different for every product. But as a general rule of thumb, blinds, shades and shutters typically are 1-3 weeks from ordering to installation. Custom window treatments are usually 3-6 weeks.


Help me select the right products.
Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the choices available and ask the right questions, to help you create a personalized and distinctive look that fits your lifestyle, your functional needs and your budget. In addition, they can help you select colors, textures and finishes that complement your interior décor beautifully. With their design experience, product expertise and intensive training, our professional staff will walk you through the decision-making process, gathering information to help them suggest the perfect solution.
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